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Roast of the month club

Roast of the month club

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Are you a coffee lover looking to explore new and exciting flavors? Look no further than our Roast of the Month Club! Delight in the experience of receiving a meticulously chosen roast every month, expertly selected by our experienced roasters.

Each month, you will receive a 250g bag of coffee, allowing you to savor the flavors and nuances of different roasts. Whether you prefer whole bean or ground coffee, we have you covered. Our flexible options ensure you can enjoy your coffee just the way you like it.

As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty, we are thrilled to offer a FREE Tiki Red Mug after your fourth payment on any subscription plan. This unique mug adds a touch of fun to your coffee-drinking experience.

No matter what brewing method you prefer, our Roast of the Month Club is perfect for all brewing types. Our single origin roasts are sourced directly from single farms or regions, guaranteeing that each one showcases its own distinct characteristics. If you prefer a blend, our roasters skillfully combine multiple origins to create enticing flavors that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Discover the world of coffee, one remarkable roast at a time, with our Roast of the Month Club. Join today and embark on an extraordinary coffee journey that will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Roast Of The Month Club

Receive a different roast each month, carefully selected by our experienced roasters.

250g Bags - Discover an exciting new roast each month

Whole Bean and Ground Coffee available

FREE Tiki Red Mug after your 4th payment on any subscription plan

Great for all brewing types - Our single origin roasts are sourced from single farms or regions, so each display unique characteristics. Our blends utilise multiple origins in order to create their own unique flavours. Choose this option to discover all of the different flavours we have available, along with some exclusives too :)


A Different Roast Each Month

Your roast will change each month, giving you a lovely selection of different flavours.

Free Delivery, On Your Terms

Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries and pay no shipping charges.

Cancel Any Time

We have no minimum contracts and you can cancel any time.


Weekly - Equivalent to about 16 cups per week.

Fortnightly - Equivalent to about 8 cups per week.

Monthly - Equivalent to about 4 cups per week.

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