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Introducing Explore, the ultimate coffee blend crafted especially for discerning coffee lovers seeking a full-bodied and intricate experience. This rich espresso blend offers a symphony of bold flavors, perfect for those yearning for a sophisticated and complex cup of joe.

When savored as an espresso, Explore delights the palate with its robust taste profile and a surprisingly low acidity that glides smoothly over your tongue. The bold flavors harmoniously blend together, creating a delightful symphony of taste notes reminiscent of luxurious dark chocolate.

But the magic of Explore doesn't stop there. With milk, this exceptional coffee blend truly comes to life. As the velvety warmth of milk intertwines with Explore's carefully selected beans, a rich and luxurious beverage takes form. With every sip, you'll experience a harmonious marriage of flavors, where the creamy texture enhances the coffee's nougat-sweetness, leaving a lingering sensation akin to indulging in bakers chocolate.

Explore is more than just a coffee; it's an exploration of exceptional flavors and a sensory journey. Whether you're savoring it as a bold espresso shot or craving a comforting milk-based creation, this remarkable blend promises to redefine your coffee-drinking experience. So go ahead, embark on your own flavor expedition with Explore and discover the world of exquisitely crafted coffee like never before.

Explore is a rich espresso blend designed for those who prefer full bodied complex coffees.

As an espresso you have bold flavours with a very low and smooth acidity followed by dark chocolate notes.

As a milk based coffee Explore is rich with a nougat sweetness and bakers chocolate.

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